Do you CRINGE when asked for your website?

If you're relying entirely on Facebook - that's a risky strategy.

While it’s important to be visible where your customers are hanging out online, the big social media companies are in control of that data and could lock you out in a blink of an eye.

By setting up your own website you can use social media to just funnel people to your properties, where YOU will have control, ensuring a secure future.

Let's face it, you're too busy working with your horses to worry about your online presence.

Whether you’re a breeder, trainer, saddler, equine massage therapist, tack-shop owner or equine author, you can’t afford to not be seen!

It’s time you had your own home on the web, decorated in your barn colors, reflecting your unique style.

Hi, I'm Jen Hiles, an online tack-shop owner and self taught web-designer.

I’ve been in your shoes, my passion is to help other horse businesses get out there and be successful in this industry. By developing an online presence you can be proud of and attract your perfect customers like flies on … well you know the rest of the saying.

I'll build you a custom website with WordPress.

From domain names and hosting to membership sites and e-commerce, I’ve got you covered. Perhaps they’re things you’ve only been able to dream of!

Stress free websites that work for you

I’ll help you build a beautiful and functional website that accurately represents your brand. I’ll walk you through all the scary tech stuff and teach you how to manage your site with video tutorials, Skype calls or email.

If you decide to remain ‘hands off’ I can be your webmaster and maintain your site for you. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

Does This Sound Good To You?

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